Define your concept, validate your idea, and set the stage for full development. Prototyping takes you from basic idea to development-ready in just 3 weeks.

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Cycle of Creadigol


Prototyping is your secret sauce. It helps you answer the important questions about your product before investing the time & capital to develop.

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Developing prototype is a smart decision. It help is to answer the important question about your product like, key value proposition are customer segment minimum things we need to tack product to market before investing a time & Capital.

Its tough to analyse your idea neutrally & making it understandable for other with just words. So prototyping team with analyse your idea on different phase & make it investor ready for you.

Our Process

Creadigol's Prototyping process is a two to three-week workshop where we dive deep into the concept for your product, design a solution that solves the core problem while staying learn, and prepare you with everything you need to develop your product the right way. At the end of a prototyping session, you’ll come out with a clickable prototype, a step-by-step blueprint for development, and the knowledge that your product is ready for its users.

We break the Prototyping process into several phases, each designed to push you closer to being ready for development. At every phase, our goal is to learn about your product and your users we want to understand why people need your product, what they want from it, and how to get it to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Phase 1 : Analyzing

Here before writing a single line of code we try to understand your idea form end user perspective analyse competitor & provide you list of suggestion functionality which we should impact set of as per market need & new innovation.

Phase 2 : Sketch

Here we will develop sketch on paper first. It'll have whole flow & each app rough design flow chart functionality list & sketch of screen will make it helpful to screen will make it helpful to imagine the architect of development.

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Phase 3 : UI / UX Prototyping

Now you will be see all the color of your app. Here we will more the UX/UI of he app as well as make a clickable prototype in mobile device of your choice (Android or iOS). After this step you are ready to show your idea to anyone specially investor, friend & family. If you want you can have customer user feedback on same. It will be like prelate of your app, you will try to get people interest & feedback on your app before real logic implementation.

Phase 4 : Ready - Set to go

Mean while you are busy to show your prototype to people be researching on all technology, developer & team on behalf of you. It will be like platform is ready & waiting for your green signal to proceed & implement.

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We Have Helped

Amano App

Creadigol a group of dynamic tech obsessive
people. Having expertise in developing, testing,
and providing support for Mobile applications
and websites.


This is restorents apps that manage order like,
pre-order and running, bill management and mucj
more. User want to save time so pre-order and
server manage through application.


eRelevance is a patient engagement platform
to facilitate conversations, build a
trusted relationship, and improve
health and well-being.

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